Monday, May 15, 2006

Advice to Freshmen

Use this post to leave your advice to freshmen. They are leaving the junior high and will be entering sophomores. Tell them things you wish you had known at that age- about academics, social life, activities, etc. Use this opportunity to leave your mark for others to follow.


jonathann6 said...

Advice from Jonathan Newman: It stinks that having fun right now hurts your future, and studying right now helps your future. Find a healthy balance between the two so that later in life you can find a job that combines the two. You've heard the saying, "Do what you like, like what you do."

petersloan06 said...

as i sit here at 11pm, the night before my last day of highschool, frantically commenting on every past blog in a last minute attempt to gain bonus points and curry favor with the lovely and just brandi caldwell, i am reminded of the age-old adage,.."do your homework and dont fail." never has its rich and deep symbolism meant more to me than now, as i try to do my homework and pass highschool.

seriously do all your work, and try hard, and excert effort, and work, and it will feel good, and your potential and your performance will be even, and you just might do important and great things.

MrsC said...

Thanks for the advice Jonathan and Peter. Also, Peter, it will help your points if you actually make an attempt at correct grammar and spelling. Just a thought!