Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Ahh... yearbooks. I know that there are many unusual traditions here at MB, so enlighten me on this one. At many schools students sign each others' yearbooks. Is that a tradition here? Even if it is not, let's pretend. Sign someone's yearbook here. It can be someone in our class, a teacher, a sibling, a junior or sophomore, your choice. Keep it clean. Say something meaningful, since you have a bit of time to consider your writing.


Thanks for sharing your room with me this year. I am glad you put up with my messiness and found ways to ignore carts of computers, swords and cauldrons, and the purple boogers on the ceiling (thanks Jimbo). Your advice and good judgement have been essential to my first year at The Brook. I will miss you next year. Have fun in that new career!


Rachaelw5 said...

I'm so glad we have become so close this year. APES, English, and free period would be completely worthless without you. We've had some rough times this year, but we've gotten through them! Thanks for being here for me! I'll always remember our 242 boys (I can't wait to see them this weekend!) and all our fun nights out! Thanks for being so awesome!


jonathann6 said...

Have a nice summer. - Jonathan Newman

jonathann6 said...

Mrs. Caldwell, thank you for teaching me English, but moreover, thanking for teaching me to be messy but organized, fun but down to business, creative but not weird, and to always do the best that I can do. This year has been great because you were apart of it.

Jonathan Newman

P.S. - Yes, I am sucking up right now.

KatieM1 said...

Most people dont sign eachothers yearbooks during your Sophomore or Junior year. But your Senior year we try to get a lot of signatures bc its kind of all that we will have left later on.
Mrs. Lee - thanks for all of the help and inspiration you have given me this year to keep at it in European History. I know that there were many days when I wanted to just give up, but thanks for not letting me. I dont think any history teacher that I have had or will have in the years to come could ever stand up to your dedication. I have learned so much in your class and will carry those skills into my next stage of life. Katie Mc

ColeT3 said...

up to about 10th grade i had all my friends sign my yearbook, but i am not sure if i am going to do it this year. In elementary and middle school everyone got together for about two hours and went around and signed them but we haven't really done that in high school. I thought it was funny how they made fun of Pinson in the yearbook. Mrs. C, do you feel like they have dissed your hood??

MrsC said...

Thanks for the suck up, Jonathan!

Yes, Cole, they did diss my hood. I can take it... I ain't skurrrd.

SamM5 said...

i agree with Katie, senior yearbooks are the last hoo-rah for all of us as far as personal notes from our friends are concerned. most people--but not all, take it more seriously and try to leave memorable notes.

Mrs. Caldwell
Thanks for making English cool this year. (That is, until the last two weeks of school so much work!) I survived (as of yet) and I really appreciate your efforts in trying to make English fun for us with group projects, movies, discussions and other stuff as well. 5th Period has been a refuge from my other classes this year for the most part; the African festival was sweet! I've had fun making fun of you for being part of the PINSON VALLEY clan and about your husband "robbing your parents cradle". I wish you the best in the coming years of your teaching. Its been great! Oh yeah, and its really cool to have a teacher with a similar taste in music.

Adamk1 said...

Kevin,I have enjoyed our time in first period this year. I will always remember the look on your face when we had a test or a project coming up and how disgusted you looked. I cant wait to go to school with you next year at Alabama.

RebeccaL5 said...

My Dorris Ann
Ever since Elementary school we have clicked. You get me and I get you...Weird as it is we understand each other. I dont think we have ever gotten in any sort of fight. I am going to miss you so much next year.... I know you get emotional, but it is a fact:Next Year I wont have Forie Darlow whenever I need her. I just wanted you to know I think you are wonderful and I will always love you. You better call me all the time!

Mitchell M 6 said...

6th period thanks for making school so laid back. It was awesome refusing to do work and all of the interesting conversations we had were very entertaining.

Drewf3 said...

For the last three years I haven't let anyone sign my yearbook. As for why, I don't really know. But, this year, considering that it is my senior year, I am going to let people sign it if they wish because I think that it will be a good thing to have when I find this thing thirty years from now.

ElliottM3 said...

I do not sign year books and i do not let people sign my year book, as far as i am concerned this is just a book i have recieved as students since i started school.

calliek3 said...

Kristen K.,
I am so glad that we have become freinds over the years. I am going to miss you so much next year, you have to come and visit me. I can't wait till this summer.


KatherineK5 said...

I have enjoyed every single 6th period from day one of this year. From singing at the top of our lungs in the middle of the mall, to Polo Fridays, to eating entire cakes in one sitting- you have made this year so great!! You're definitely right about the tough times we've had this year, but together we made our way through them. Thanks you for listening to all my troubles, even if you totally disagreed with every bit of my reasoning! I'm so lucky to have you as my friend. Thanks for everything!

MICHELLE! said...

First of all, Brandi- you're not a gansta, so don't say "skurred". second of all- we dont really sign yearbooks anymore because it is considered "queer" here. I don't really know why. I think everyone should be signing yearbooks this year because it's our last year in highschool and it's the last time we'll have to do this. Anyways, to please you I'll "sign" the "blog yearbook"
Dear Mrs. Caldwell- This class is not a joke and I've had so much fun being apart of it. Especially in sixth period because half of our class is mentally retarded and the other half is extremely ADD. I probably fall into both of those categories. You made your class fun and interesting and I really am jealous of the upcoming seniors who get to have you next year. Gah, Lucky! (haha Napolean..by the way way- thank you so much for buying me that pen the other day at the store..oh wait you didnt!) Anyways, I hope you had a wonderful summer! LYLAS, KIT(Keep in Touch) K.A.T.S( you can figure that one out) Love, Michelle

DorieF5 said...

As much as you don't know what you are going to do next year with out me, I don't know what I am going to do without you! You complete me and make me such a better person! haha- I am going to miss all of our fun golf times with Corny, and the unbearable Betsy! haha- and I love how you know I get emotional and you wrote this anyways and I'm sitting in the library crying haha... so people are definitely giving me weird looks! Anyways, I am going to miss you so much next year, and I can't wait for Mobile and for SENIOR TRIP! You are the greatest and YOU better call me! i love you!
~your own Forie Darlow~
P.S. its weird writing that!

petersloan06 said...

dear mrs caldwell

please give me a lot of points for these posts

this is the 4th or 5th one, ready for more?/

the night is young, and my fingers are nimble. my brain wants points. my heart wants points too.

thanks for a great semester.

youve helped me a lot.

xoxoxoxo peter