Friday, May 12, 2006

Let your voice be heard... literally.

You know me and new tools. Thanks to The 21st Century Learning Project I get information about new tools all of the time. I know you guys are thinking, " So that is why we have been in techie overdrive all year!" Anyway, there is this wonderful tool. It is called Vaestro (pronounced like "maestro"). Of course, I created a channel for us and I want you to record your message on it. Keep in mind that this is the WORLD WIDE WEB. Your opinions and ideas should be maturely and creatively stated without making you (and me, MBHS, your family, etc.) look stupid. The topics are pretty open. Please leave your mark. Let your voice be heard!


The Tiny Kingdom Meets the World

If you don't have a microphone or you don't have time, just comment here and give


Blake H. said...

For everyone that doesn't believe there will be essay after essay they are badly mistaken. Take everything that you have learned from Mrs. C's class and use it. I promise there is some way it will come back to you. I graduated from her class a couple of years ago, I am an economics major and I will be persuing Law after that. Take each day as it comes, time will heal lost friends and new ones will be formed. This is when you prove to all those that doubted you to become great leaders and show all those teachers who've inspired you that they made the difference.

Kelly Samples said...

I graduated in 2001 and some of my best memories are from high school. I'm sure that Mrs. Caldwell has taken the time to mold each of your young minds. Please be sure to take it with you. She knows what she's talking about! Great leaders make great leaders. Mrs. Caldwell is definitely a great leader. Be sure to pay attention to her and take with you what she says (along with what your other teachers are telling you). Life is hard. Make sure that you are prepared.

petersloan06 said...

hey my class

i n eed points!

good luck in college, i will miss everyone.

ive had a blast in highschool

dont drink