Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Need for More Reflection

As I have learned so much about blogging over these past few months, I have contemplated branching out with these blogs. I am taking the lead from blogging pioneers. They have their class blog and a professional blog. I will now devote this blog just to my classes since they have made it such a great site for discourse and discussion, and I am working on a professional blog called It's All Geek To Me ( This will inspire teachers to use their current great practices and turbo charge them with technology. Please join me there and reflect on teaching and best practice in 21st Century Literacy Skills.


Brett Moller said...

Hey there,

Great to meet you on the skype cast today. I hope to get some time tomorrow to read some of your blog. Thought you may be interested in my last two podcasts.

Have a great remainder of your weekend.



RyanL5 said...

I am really excited about doing this blog. this is the greatest thing done in english class!