Thursday, July 06, 2006

True Confessions

Ok, I know as an English teacher I should not admit this but I must...

I never really read for pleasure until after I was out of college.

There, it is out there for the world to know. I am not happy about it, but the truth is that I was in a four year AP feeder program in high school and had a prolific social life (yes, cheerleader/athlete in small town school). My teachers did not have the wisdom to give some choices for reading. We read the classics, which I never fully appreciated until college, and I had a hard time maintaining an interest. I did not like to read and had no intention of being a lifelong reader. Rather than give my life history, I will get to the point of this rant. I am up at this indecent hour right now because I cannot quit reading. Is it the latest John Grisham novel? No. Is it the latest Nicholas Sparks romance novel? No.

The reading I cannot "put down" is blogs! I am addicted. I am a Bloglines addict. Although I read now for pleasure as well as professionally, I find that the immediacy of information offered by blogs is so wonderful. Now remember, I am not talking about MySpace blogs or people's personal rants. I am referring to blogs by professionals, teachers, companies, and colleges that offer information that pertains to my profession or interests. Become a lifelong reader and add blogs to your repertoire. Along with newspapers and magazines, blogs should be your major source of up to date information in the world of .... whatever topic you are interested!
I must go to bed. I will post and link to some of the fabulous bloggers contributing to my knowledge base, but in the meantime look at my cool blogroll. I just learned how to add that. See you in the blogosphere.

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chriso5 said...

I'm so excited to enter the blogsphere. Hopefully one day I can be as great of a blogger as Mrs. C, she's the best blogger around. I hope I don't become as addicted to blogs as her though, because as a teenager, I need to get my sleep rather than stay up till all hours of the morning reading blogs. Until next time...