Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The WORLD wide web

I think it is great that all of you are using the blog so much. A couple of reminders: 1) If you address me in a comment, my respectful form of address is Mrs. Caldwell or Mrs. C. Let's keep that in mind if you want your comments posted. 2) Remember, your comments all are taken into consideration. Be sure you mean what you say. 3) This is a public place. Your comments are here for the world to view. Be sure you represent my class and yourself in a mature manner.

All that said, I will further explain the acting scenes. You will be assigned a role and a scene group. We will spend entire class periods 2 or 3 days a week to prepare your scenes (150 points: 100 indiv. / 50 group) . You will work on memorization, stage combat, acting, etc. My goal is for you to "experience" Shakespeare's work which was meant to be acted, not read. I take into consideration that many of you have anxiety about acting, and I want to make you comfortable... but I don't want the person with a smaller role to sit around and play while the others with more lines work all period. I will be monitoring these rehearsal days. Between those days will be research paper mini lessons, library days, and writing days. You will have memorization and blocking (movement in scenes) deadlines as well as research paper (300 points) deadlines during those weeks. Overall, we will finish Macbeth in a week and a half. After that, we will jump into research paper/acting days. That pretty much sums up the next month (and 450 points) of your life.

So for those who check the blog... you got a heads up on what's coming around the bend. See you tomorrow.


AndersonS6 said...


1) Translated - Do not call me by my first name.

2)Translated - Don't make stupid or mean posts

3)Translated - Reiteration of 1 and 2

Nice P.C. usage :)

As far as the whole acting thing goes, as long as it not graded on how well of a job we do acting, its all fine with me.

Jonathan Newman said...

This seems like a load of time and points. I hope that it doesn't become overwhelming with the memorization. The stage combat sounds fun, though. I agree with Mr. Smith on the grading situation. Maybe we could be graded on effort (that is, if you can tell how hard the students are working on the acting).

Mitchell M 6 said...

Yeah I'm not a great actor so let's not take off too many points for that. I've got to learn a lot of lines too, I'm a second semester senior, I don't want to do that. Where is my first post? It didn't have anything bad in it.

MrsC said...

I did not get another post from you. I am not sure what happened.