Thursday, April 20, 2006

Old School

We will be creating a radio show from the world of your group's dystopian novel. Have you ever heard an old fashioned radio show? Many shows were very theatrical, some were informative, others were comical and entertaining. I believe that your show can combine some of the old and some of the new. Use this post to brainstorm for your book.

Write the title of your book and write what kinds of segments or ideas you think might work for that book in a radio broadcast. Think about the world of the book including the characters, government, media or lack of, music, values, priorities, news, etc.

Ex. The Handmaid's Tale
  • religious music
  • weather segment
  • interview with Angels regarding their position and training they receive...


maxg3 said...

This reminds me of when the War of the Worlds aired on the radio in like the 40's and everyone thought there was an actual invasion taking place. But as for Brave New World....hmm... maybe like really mellow, dreamy music. For priorities, maybe like something about like a strong economy, class unity. Definitely something about the God-like status of Henry Ford. Something about sexual freedom/promiscuity maybe. Something about Soma. I don't know, I'm just throwing some ideas out.

nickb3 said...

Brave New World
I think that we could have a news type broadcast saying that there have been an unusually high number of succesful embryos this month. We could also have a fake history show in which we discuss how ridiculous society was before humans were grown with a definate purpose.

jonathann6 said...

Brave New World

I would put in a review for a synthetic music concert, or something.

rebeccal5 said...

Brave New World. We could have a history show that could talk about all of the "crazy" things people used to do and how much better everything is in the "present day"

KatieM1 said...

The Handmaids main theme to me is the use of womens bodies in the political realm. Any critical essays or articles I find on this book have some sort of feminist view to it. Our radio show could possibly be a come off from that idea of feminism and a womens real view of our bodies and how we use them in our daily lives.

carolinec said...

I think we could interview different people who live in the country to tell about what they think of their life. Also they could read out the fake data. They could also bash capitalists.

Anonymous said...

1984 in it we could discuss how the war is going and how well big brother is doing such a good job. - BakerB3

Mitchell M 6 said...

Brave New World
We could do a broadcast that says do whatever you want b/c no one cares and we want you to be happy.

AshtonH1 said...

1984 by George Orwell
Big Brother
Two Minutes of Hate
Evils of Capitalism
Ministry of Truth promo
Charts of government growth

sallyc1 said...

Brave New World
-reason for wanting embryo creation
-discussion of the separation of classes
-They would probably play music that was very techno or hypnotic

VirginiaB5 said...

Brave New World.
We could talk about the weird things that they do in this book. We can talk about how it would have been weirder back whent eh book was written but now we have actually heard of some of this stuff.

KatherineK5 said...

For Brave New World we could have advertisements for Soma in all different forms ( the pill, the drink, etc.) We could also have interviews with the Controller about the progress in the Centre. He could talk about the records that they hold, and what they are trying to acheieve.

Rachaelw5 said...

Brave New World
I think it would need a segment on pollution level for the day/week or whatever. We could have a segment about sexuality/Dr. Phil sort of segment. There could also be a segment that repeats some of the phrases that are instilled into peoples' heads in the book.

charlotteg3 said...

Handmaid's Tale
I think that a good thing to put into my radio show would be to get real-life handmaids to talk and interview them on what life is like now and what it used to be like. This could help to arouse public sympathy and maybe things would begin to change.

calliek3 said...

I am reading the Handmaid's Tail, it is all about women's rights and how very little they have in this book, it kind of focuses on the whole idea that women's sole purpose in life is to make babies, cook, and clean. Each women in the novel has a disctinct role in society. Our radio show could be about women's rights and like how songs about women empowerment.

austinm1 said...

Brave New World
During the commercial break we could advertise products such as soma and contraceptives.
We could also do a segment on the progress of embryo development.

Addie said...

My Dad loves to listen to old radio shows on his XM radio so I've heard the old fashioned kinds and the new. I'm reading 1984 and I think we could somehow incoporated Winston's journal enteries.

carolineb1 said...

We could just discuss interesting parts of the book, and read several passages. We would just give a brief overview since their are parts of the book that are very slow. Then we could just each give our personal opinions of the book

MICHELLE! said...

The Handmaid's Tale:
A) prostitutes
B)News of current rapings of the girls at Duke University and how it relates to this book
C)Music wise..I don't know maybe Britney Spears-She's trashy enough

KevinO1 said...

Ok first off...Mrs. caldwell SOMEONE DELETED MY WHOLE PROJECT TODAY!!!!!!!!! Anyways...I think it should be a short summary and analysis of the book. Added with that is the opinions of the book from the whole group. And if we have time, I could just give my opinions on other things...blogs, projects, ect.