Monday, September 18, 2006


Impress me with your skills with vocabulary. Articulate a short paragraph using as many of Unit 3's vocabulary words as you can. It is imperitive that they are used correctly and in a unique way. A feckless response may be easier, but it is likely to make me distraught The CLASS with the best posts will get a special "snack" one day in class.

You will have this week to comment with your best reply and then we will have a vote next week. (Tip: Practice it in Word and copy/paste)


JimW3 said...

My friend began to cavort when someone told him that he had won the lottery. I knew that someone was playing a prank on him so I tried to articulate this to him. He became distraught and angry. The things he was saying to me hurt my feelings but I tried to dissemble my facial expressions so that he could not tell. Our friendship became like murky water, until I exhumed all of the good times that we had experienced in the past. The next day I died and my friend gave the eulogy.

BrookingP5 said...

I am going to go ahead and do this blog so that I will not be distraught when Friday comes and I haven't commented. It is my credence that it is better to respond to the blogs and get the ten points than it is to ddecry the assingment. I am glad that teh assingment was exhumed in my brain today during my free period, and I am also glad that propinquity of the library to the mall was a motivator to go ahead and comment while it was so convenient. I am going to end this comment here so that I will not prolong it with insignificant verbiage.

Raineswel7 said...

The most articulate member of our class, was distraught when he found out the credence of Mrs. Caldwell. He had never used the Internet, and she cavorted around the room about how much she liked it. He was so excited of the propinquity of the library so he could use the computers there. However, the internet seemed like a very murky place, but the teached evinced the directions very slowly. He understood and remained the number one student in the class.

GingerC1 said...

So today i was very distraught over my science grade. Our teacher , I feel, dissembled our test to make it very tricky. Then, he decried us for doing poorly and said we were unwonted students. He says we always do good but not thsi time. For sure, there was no eulogy. But his speech to me was feckless to me beacause I knew it was him not me. I just wish he would give us primordial test that aren't from a college text book. I am suprised we have not evinced him that we are great students and this was not a good test.

billyh7 said...

It was unwonted for him to give a feckless eulogy at a funeral, and we decried him for it. Although he articulated the words professionally, he sounded distraught, like he was trying to dissemble something. He has a credence that verdant utopians are nefarious. The man that died was 113 years old, so he seemed primordial.

AllieB1 said...

I came home from school and noticed that my mom was in an unwonted mood. She was distraught because my room was a mess and decried me. She claims that cleaning my room has always been one of my primordial chores. She was unable to dissemble her anger towards me. She articulated that I had to clean my room immediately. She then checked my brother’s room and delivered a eulogy to him for his clean room.

natalies7 said...

During the girl's tea party, her princess outfit dissembled her appearance. Whenever having a tea party, only articulate friends could be invited which meant no one feckless or murky was allowed to attend. The primordial reason for having the tea party was not to decry the girls but to have fun. The well-prepared food was not piquant or verdant. The tea party was brief because they girls spoke without verbiage. The propinquity of the playground allowed the girls to cavort outside. To the guests' credence, the tea party was a huge success.

thomasd said...

In seventh period English, Hal cavorts around articulating his primordial love for Mrs. Caldwell. This credence may decry him, but many think she is dissembling how much she is really flattered behind a distraught and feckless tone of murky grins. Some day Hal will evince his profound love with a piquant love poem full of verbiage. This poetic eulogy will exhume Mrs. Caldwell and will draw her into an unwonted utopian world of which she will never return. Because of this, we will never have one of these nefarious vocabulary quizzes again.

MatthewH7 said...

As he tried to articulate the dismay he felt at his credence that the teacher had decried our class, the boy could not find the correct verbiage to make his statements seem less murky. He was finally to evince his dismay in an unwonted and feckless statement. The propinquity of the piquant food made him stop being so dreary and begin to cavort around the room. He ran out of the room and saw the nefarious teacher that had insulted him. When he saw the teacher, it ruined the utopian thoughts he had been experiencing. He ran out of the room adn fell into a primordial green ooze. The verdant and viscouse substance overwhelmed him and he drowned. His best friend gave the eulogy and then the police exhumed his body and decided that it was the teachers fault.

Talc0s S. said...

“We haven’t heard from anyone in six hours.”

For the citizens of Portland, war did not announce itself with a roaring bang, but instead an unwonted silence; its deadness articulated the situation better than screaming of sirens. Even the birds, who once cavorted in the city square, quieted themselves as if in respect.
Overlooking the city in a secure civil defense bunker, the council of the State of Oregon convened to discuss the matter.

“What we do know,” said Governor Hatfield, “is that it was likely the nefarious Canadians who bombed the eastern seaboard. It’s the only explanation.”

“At this point, the whole situation is too murky to make out. We need something more evincing before we can decide on just what is going on” said Chairman Barnes.

“Well, George, what do you expect us to do until then?” decried Madame Secretary Davidson.

“We can’t be feckless about this.” Hatfield intervened, taking a slice from the noticeably piquant pecan pie sitting on the table, “Let’s dispense with the verbiage and actually do something. Given the propinquity we have towards our neighboring state of Washington, we need to send a messenger to them. They are probably as distraught as we are… Mmm… this pie is delicious!”

Barnes, helping himself to a slice, commented, “You know, maybe this end of the world thing won’t be so bad. I mean, we get to go back to a simpler, more primordial way of living. We can make our utopian plans for society a reality, now that Washington is off our backs.”

“Pecan pie…”
“It’s quite wonderful.”
“I concur.”

And so it was, in the safety of the bunker, that the eulogy for the past was made, and credence in a better tomorrow was formed. And in this future, there would be verdant meadows, a world exhumed from the baleful influence of the cold war.

“Viscous.” Thought the group, “Viscous is the word we could use to describe this story.”