Thursday, October 12, 2006


Here is your chance to make up 5 points for first nine weeks. Weigh in on the following:

1. Did the review process and the group PowerPoints on the wiki help you in studying for the exam?

2. Was there any part of the exam on which you would have liked more review?

3. Do you feel that this exam covered our nine-weeks sufficiently?

4. We begin literature next nine weeks. What is your favorite part about studying literature and your least favorite part about studying literature?


MatthewH7 said...

The review process did help me on some parts of the exam like Pygmalion and Curious Incident more than others. No, i think we reviewed everything enough. The exam covered almost everything we have been over this nine weeks. I am glad we did not have to know too much about Pygmalion, and the only thing I noticed that was not on there was the archetypes. My favorite part about literature is when the book we read is actually good. It does not happen that much, but last year, The Things They Carried, was a good book. I really hate learning about where the author came from and all of that because it does not really seem to matter when we study the book where they were born.

thomasd said...

The review PowerPoint’s really helped me study. I think it was because the questions came from my fellow students, and straight out of a book. I think we could have reviewed a little bit more on the revisions part of the exam, that stuff was tricky. The exam seemed to cover most of the things we covered, except for the archetypes. There is no part of Literature that I particularly like or dislike. Stuff about wars is pretty interesting though.

gordonw7 said...

The review process helped alot. I think it covered everything pretty well except for maybe the college essay part. I feel that this exam did cover the first nine weeks sufficiently. It had everything we've done up to this point on it. My favorite part about literature is the short stories. My least favorite part is everything else.

CaseyF5 said...

I thought the review process and powerpoints were helpful for the most part. Making them, going over them in class, and having access to them at home made it very easy to get many chances for review. The only problem is that i did not have powerpoint on one of my computers so i couldn't access it on that computer. Yes, i thought the exam covered our 9 weeks. About literature, I'm not going to lie, I hate it. All of the stories we read are boring and we over analyze most of them.

FrankB3 said...

Yes, the review process and the group PowerPoints did help me study for the exam. I would have liked to review more with the comma rules. I think there could have been some easy questions about Legend on the test since we had to watch it. Overall though I though this covered our nine-weeks. My favorite part of studying literature would be figuring out the author's underlying message in the story.

GingerC1 said...

I think the review process of the Vocabulary was the most helpful. Our class had pictures and a game to go along with the word, and it really helped me start to remember them. I liked doing the powerpoints because it refreshed my memory about the books we read. The part of the exam that I wish I had gotten more review was the college essay writting. I think the exam covered this nine weeks sufficiently. I didn't think it was unreasonable like most other exams. I liked how we were only tested on what we had had test previously on. It was also nice not to be learning something new the day before our exam. For next nine weeks, I hate literature because I am bad at answering questions about the things we read. I am not looking forward to it!

Leigh W. 1 said...

I like the idea of review but last year my teacher had a really good way of doing it. We played Jeopardy with questions she made (we can make them I guess). But having us do it only gets us to know the one we do because you don't pay attention to anyone else. Sorry. I love literature but sometimes too much attention to the littlest detail can ruin a book and the overall theme.

JoannaS5 said...

Yes, the reveiw powerpoints did help in reveiwing for the exam. My only speculation is, it was difficult to pay attention and understand each group. And, frankly, the grammar or revision area of the powerpoints was USELESS. Words and definitions help, yes. But when we don't understand the definitions...that is a problem.

More reveiw on the punctuation, grammar, sentence structure. That was terribly hard. It seemed as though there was more than one right answer but obviously there was not, which was the difficult part about it.

The grammar part seemed to almost come out of no where. This could just be me. Otherwise i think the exam did cover the nine weeks sufficiently. Though there was less Pygmalion than Curious Incident, it was still understood that we'd already basically been tested on the majority of Pygmalion. Personally, i would have liked more vocabulary because it seems a lot of people in our class/grade have a lot of trouble with that...and it's difficult to study 60 words knowing only 20 will be used. That takes valuable time away from studying other parts of the test. I understand you want us to learn all the words, but thats just too hard when it comes to these tests. Other than that i think it was awesome.

I love literature. Plan and simple, I love literature. Learning about the authors, their backgrounds, and inspirations for their work would have to be one of my favorite things. Above all, though, it would be the actually content it's self. Good literature is a hard concept to understand and recognize and it's especially hard to create. There is nothing like an original work of art that you must pick apart to understand. Unlike paintings drawings, you can nit-pick at the literature and orgainze or interpret it. That wouldn't be so easy with drawings or paintings. You can't erase one part and examine a specific portion to understand it then peice it together. Literature rocks and i love it.

My least favorite part about literature is forced reading. Vietnam was sad. Reading about Vietnam was sad. Going in depth about Vietnam...was sad. Granted, a good portion of the literature we have studied and will study is depressing, inspirational works DO exist. Having to read, in depth, about things like that is the worst part about literature.

JimW3 said...

The review process and the group powerpoints definately helped me in studying for the exam. It was helpful to have all of those powerpoints in the same location with all the different information on them. The revision part of the exam was tough for me so I would have liked for that to have been a little bit easier, because working on revisions in class is boring. I do feel that this exam covered our 9 weeks fairly sufficiently. I'm not a huge fan of studying literature but my favorite part is getting to read good books. The bad part about studying literature is that we study bad books and go into way too much detail about everything.

Ianr3 said...

The PowerPoint did help me for studying, especially with my senioritus kicking in. I was kind of hoping that the quizzes were going to be up, but they weren't:(.
I don't think that I needed much more review on anything else, except for a little of the revisions. It definitely covered our nine weeks sufficiently and hope second nine weeks is also good. My favorite part about studying literature is when it is all over and my least favorite part is the long stories that are supposed to have meanings that we understand first thing.

davids3 said...

1. Yes, i did review the Wikispaces in studying for the exam.
2. I thought the hardest apart about te exam was the revisions paragraph. I felt we could have done more work with that.
3. Yes, this exam covered everything we did in the first nine weeks.
4. My favorite part about litereature is it broadens your erspective about different styles of writing. I don't like the fact that there is alot of busy work in literature studies.

DavidW3 said...

I think that the review process and group PowerPoints were helpful in studying for the test. I was able to gain help from a few of the later periods work also. I would have liked more review on the paragraph that we had to edit. Some were a little confusing, but I thihk that I did alright. I feel that the exam covered our nine-week exam sufficiently because it involved everything that we studied this year. My favorite part of studying literature is that is not very difficult and sometimes can be interesting. My least favorite part is the old literature that is very uninteresting.

MattO3 said...

1. Personally, i like studying more in a sitdown and read notes session. It didnt help me as much as it may have helped others.
2. Vocab
3. I think that it was a good examination because it wasnt too many questions on each book.
4. I like studying literature to see culture. I don't like having to memorize character profiles and plot meanings and such.

GuerryF1 said...

1. I liked reviewing in class because it made me think about the stuff I needed to sutdy when I got home.

2. The grammar stuff, because we all know the rules but somtimes picking them out can be hard.

3. I think it did cover the nine weeks well.

4. I really dont like studying literature, but sometimes it can be fun to learn about how people thought while they were writing.

AllenK5 said...

1. Yes, I found it helpful. I used the powerpoints to help me with Pygmalion and with Curios Incident.
2. No, I felt like I was reviewed well enough, but some of the questions were pretty detailed.
3. Yes, it was definitely thourough. It didn't leave anything out that's for sure.
4. I'm going to be honest I don't enjoy studying literature, but if there is one thing that I do like it'd be that I enjoy learning about peopele's cultures. My least favorite part would be analyzing stuff so dang much.

JodiS24 said...

I definitely benefitted from the PowerPoints we did on the wikispace. I used all of them to help me study Wednesday night, and while I was studying, I realized how nice it would be to have these for other classes. To me, the PowerPoints dealing with improving students' writing through grammar and word choice were almost unnecessary. I think we all understand that our sentences need to be more creative and "vivid," etc. Also, I don't think that grammar on the nine-weeks exam really related to what we were supposed to do this nine weeks. I understand that some papers reflected bad grammar usage, but I think this nine weeks were more about Curious Incident and college essays.
I like how literature provides different ways to interpret something, but I definitely do not like literature if it is boring to read.

RyanL5 said...

1. Yes it was a much easier way to study in that it was organized and basic.

2. Vocab words and sentance structure

3. Yea it covered mostly everything we did this 9 weeks

4. It is interesting looking at past civilizations and how they looked at the world. Their views are amazing in how much they have changed in the amount of time since their period. The worst part is learning about specific people. I hate just learning about a single persons life. Its more interesting to learn about a community than one person.

billyh7 said...

1. Yes, it helped a great deal. I used it for studying at my house too.

2. Yes, I would have like a little more review on the two books that were on the test.

3. Yes, it covered everything we did this nine weeks, and then some.

4. My favorite part about literature would have to be the great stories that I get to hear. My least favorite part about literature would have to be reading it.

MeredithA3 said...

1. I actually reviewed the powerpoints on the wiki and they helped me somewhat. The Pygmalion and the Curious Inncident presentations were pretty vague and things I already knew. The writing and the vocab. sections on the other hand were very helpful.
2. I thought that the editing section of the test was pretty tough. I don't think we could have reviewed that section more, but I thought it was challenging.
3. I thought the test was very sufficient in all of the things we covered in class. It had a little bit of everything we learned the first nine weeks.
4. My favorite part of literature is learning about new writings and being introduced to new characters. My least favorite part is interpreting the stories, especially when it is written in Old English.

StuartS5th said...

The powerpoints were a good a way for us to study. It was a lot easier to study from the powerpoints than the notes. The only part of the exam that I wasn't fully prepared on was the grammar part. There were several questions that I thought could have had different kinds of error. I think that everything we learned this nine weeks was covered on the exam. On the subject of literature, I don't enjoy studying it, especially poetry. I'm just not a big fan; the only parts I like are the entertaining stories.

maryrobm1 said...

The review process helped a lot. I didn't even have to study much at home because I felt like we covered everything so well in class. I would have liked more review on the revision section because it was so hard!! The exam covered everything we did well, but I don't remember doing grammer an stuff in class so why was that on the test? I like literature if it is not boring, but if it is, I hate it.

Talc0s S. said...

Since you're interested:

1. The review process didn't exactly help me (although I cannot speak for others). Then again, the information was very easy, much like it was on the test - anyone who had performed a perfunctory reading of the texts could have known the answers. The powerpoints didn't exactly seem necessary.

2. But it was covered well, I felt prepared.

3. The problem with the exam was that it was not particuarly in-depth. We didn't explore the concepts we had discussed in class. Instead, we just spat out the basic facts that we knew from our reading. Even if this isn't an AP course, the tests should still be used to help us cultivate a sense of understanding for the subject material.

4. I enjoy literature, although English literature always depresses me because it took them so long to gain back the artistic capabilities that the fall of the Roman Empire and the dark ages brought on.

As for literature in general, I enjoy learning of the perspectives of the writers more than anything else. I hate dissecting plots so as to be tested on it (such as "The main character did this after he did ____."). It destroys the purpose of reading the literature if there is no real effort to interpret it.

CamilleCo5 said...

The review process and group PowerPoints did help me review what I studied. I found it helpful for after I studied because I could quiz myself to see if I really did know the information. The only part I would have liked to review more would've been all the grammar, but the exam did cover the nine weeks sufficiently. My favorite part of literature would probably be that there's not always one correct answer because a lot of the times it's the way you interpret it. My least favorite part is all the symbolism because sometimes that just ruins it.

StClairD1 said...

1. The review process and the group PowerPoints on the wike helped me studying. I liked having the vocab games on there. And, also being able to read good character reviews for the books and plays we have read

2. On the exam I would have liked more practice for the "Revision" Section.

3. I do feel that this nine weeks exam covered our exam sufficiently, but i dont necessarily think that all of the tests for different classes should be the exact same. Most likely all of the teacers dont teach the exact same way, so therefore the tests shouldn't have to be the same.

4. My favorite part about studying literatue is discovering interesting themes that would have never thought of before. My least favorite part of literature is reading extremely tedious and boring stories.

chriso5 said...

1. The wiki review didn't really help me. I didn't make good use of the reviews that we put online. But I'm sure it would have been a good help if I had needed certain info.
2. The only part of the exam I would have liked to review more would have been the college essay part. It's kind of fuzzy.
3. Yes, I think our exam covered the 9 weeks sufficiently, but not too specifically.
4. I like reading the different stories from different parts of the world, but I HATE having to break down every story into sybolism, metaphors, and other such things.

CharlesB7 said...

1. I thought that the review helped a lot. It gave us all a chance to review together and know what to review. I also like it being on the wiki because it was very accessible and was pretty much a complete guide of test questions and answers.

GrantM3 said...

1. Yes, they did help me get ready for the exam.
2. Vocab
3. Yes, I think it covered it great
4. Most of the time the literature we read is good, so that is the best part. The worst part is if we have to read anything out loud to the class.

hali7 said...

Yes the review process really did help me study for this exam. I wish that we would review the vocab just a little bit more. The only reason I say this is because we know that everyone read the books but maybe everyone did not do their vocab work during the nine weeks. The exam did a great job of covering all that was studied during this nine weeks. My favorite part is that we get to read stories. My least favorite part is that we have to actually read the books instead of saying that we did. No, im just playing with you silly Mrs. Caldwell. The real thing that I don't like about studying literature is that sometimes I don't understand the reading.

MaryEvelynP3 said...

I did really like the whole review process. I did not feel like it was busy work or anything, and I really did use the power points on the wiki to study. I would have, however, like more preparation for the revision paragraph. I did not really feel prepared for that section and did not really know what to expect or how to prepare. I did feel like the exam covered the entire 9 weeks well. The focus was evenly placed on all parts of what we did first 9 weeks. As far a literature goes, group discussions and uncovering underlying meaning is definitely my favorite part. The busy work that teachers often accompany reading with, however, I can't stand.