Thursday, October 19, 2006

So many of you are wondering... What has happened to our blog? Why are we not blogging?

Well, if it was just because you wanted the points, this may not be a conselation. I want to take the blog and grow its potential. So far you have been diligently commenting and responding to my ideas and thoughts. I usually tried to link it to the class topics. I really loved some of your requests and suggestions regarding the blog. Here are a few that I plan to use to make it better:

I think a neat added dimension might include actually discussing some of the posts and responses in class.

We have to involve every topic we discuss on the blog in the classroom discussion; the blog allows for students to form a defendable position, so that we can have a reasonable and productive discussion in the class.

However, the people who blog first often have their blogs copied in different words.

I think a new dimension we need to add is maybe where students can post topics.

One thing I would like to see is some students being able to contribute posts to the blog.

We will definitely be discussing the blog posts, and I will try to do a better job of integrating your responses and thoughts into my lessons.

I will make sure that duplicate responses do not get points. As a matter of fact, responses that have not at least been proofread before you publish them, may not be put on the blog. Please self-check spelling and major errors.

Finally, the big change... I am going to be allowing student posting. For a few weeks I will ask particular people to help me with the posting responsibilities, and then I will open it up to whole classes. This is going to be an exciting endeavor.


Ianr3 said...

I think that the improvements on the blog for our class are very interesting. I think that they will definitely have a different purpose and seem that they will improve the purpose of the blog. Blogging in a school related environment is a new thing for most students, and the basic blogging phenomenon is also probably new. I think that some different posts than what we have been having could potentially increase people's interest in the blog. Hopefully with the discussions in class coming in the future will also increase the interest. If none of these work I see where the originality demand will force people's interest.

SpencerS5 said...

I think blogging has a been pretty good experience so far. It's cool being able to see everyone's responses to what Mrs. C has to say. Personally, I like the free points we can get from doing it. I also think allowing students to be able to publish the original idea for responding is going to be alot better. All students should be able to connect alot better on their responses.