Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Characters in Shakespeare

So each of you is playing some character in your group's Shakespeare scene. Name your character and indicate his or her theme song and your reasoning.

Ex. Ophelia from Hamlet
"Wade in the Water" by Eva Cassidy

Unfortunately, she found a watery grave because she was so wrought with sadness over the death of her father at the hands of her lover.


Leeb3 said...

I am playing Hamlet from Hamlet. His theme song would definately be Hit 'em up by Tupac because he is always angry. He wants to "hit all those people up" out of revenge.

MaxT6 said...

Petrucio's song would be Money by Pink Floyd because all he cares about when he marries Kate is inheriting a lot of money.

KatieM1 said...

Witch 1 from Macbeth
Monty Python "A Witch"
Did you dress her up like this?
VILLAGER #2 and 3:
No. No.
Yes. Yeah, a bit.
A bit.
She has got a wart.
What makes you think she is a witch?
Well, she turned me into a newt.
A newt?
I got better.
Burn her anyway!
Burn her! Burn! Burn her!..."

saram3 said...

Tybalt's theme song would probably be Hotblooded by Roxette b/c he's so aggreaaive and belligerent.

nickb3 said...

I play Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, and his theme song is "A diffenent kind of pain" by Cold because it is about losing someone like Romeo thought he had

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Well I think the Earl of Douglas's theme song would have to be the "Trogdor! The Burninator!" theme song. Throughout the scene he randomly runs in opens a can on someone and runs away again. Hes pretty awesome. "Burninating the countryside! Burninating the peasants!"

carolineb1 said...

Witch 3 in Macbeth
My Song: No Good Deed ( Wicked)
because the song if about a witch who turns wicked, and we all know that the witched in Macbeth are very wicked

carolineh5 said...

I am playing King Claudius in Hamlet. His theme song would be you're a mean on mr. grinch. He is just so manipulative and mean.

Johnf5 said...

I play Henry VIII in my scene. His Theme song would be "Man With the Movie Camera" by the Cinematic Orchestra. It is an instumental that is very epic and builds up to a grand climax. THis reminds me of my character because of the drama and grandiose attitude of the song.

Mitchell M 6 said...

I am playing Romeo from Romeo and Juliet. His theme song should be Aiky Breaky Heart because it hurts to die and his heart goes from happy to broken.

stus6 said...

My character is Baptista his theme song is You're So Vain. This is so because he thinks his daughter is perfect.