Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Modest Proposal

In our world of satire, sarcasm, and mockery; we are constantly bombarded by people publishing funny items on the internet and through music, news, and writing. Try to find a clean example of satire and post it here. You can add a link to something as long as you are confident that it can be accessed and is clean.


saram3 said...

A S - Y E T - U N W R I T T E N
A R T I C L E S A B O U T C H E E S E .


- - - -

1. My Favorite Cheeses And Why They Are My Favorite Cheeses: Taking A Funny Concept (Cheese), And Rendering It Unfunny Through The Use Of Layer Upon Layer Of Excruciating Detail, Which, Though Meant To Be The True Comic "Meat" Of The Article, Is, In The Final Analysis, Less Funny Than The Purported Subject Of The Article (Cheese)

2. Gorgonzola: An Appreciation

3. Writers On Cheese: From Dante's Torrid Love Affair With Mozzarella To Faulkner's Obsessive Compulsion With Colby, An Examination of Literature's Greats and Their Love Affair With Fromage

4. Writers On Writers Who Write About Cheese: Musings From The Author, And, As Near As He Can Tell, One Other Guy From France Who Says He Writes About Writers Who Write About Cheese Though He Hasn't Actually Been Published Yet, Or At Least That's What The Author Thinks He's Saying, Though He (The Author) Admits There May Be Some Confusion On The Matter, What With The Language Barrier And All

5. With Cheddar As My Co-Pilot: Pushing The Bounds Of Irony So Far On The Subject Of Cheese That I Find Myself Coming Full Circle Back To A (Shockingly) Sincere Article On Wisconsin Sharp

6. How I Spent The Morning Not Actually Working, But Instead, Munching On Brie While Thinking Of Mock Cheese-Related Article Titles

7. How I Really Did Spend The Whole Morning Doing The Task Mentioned In Item #6 Above, Except It Was Jalapeno Jack, Not Brie.

8. How, In The Interest Of Honesty, I Must Admit That Item #7, Intended As A Clarification Of Item #6, Is Itself A Misrepresentation Of The Facts Of My Morning, And How, In Fact, The Cheese Munched On In Question Was American Cheese, In Individually-Wrapped Slices, Folded Over Not Once, Twice, Or Even Three Times, But Four Times, Then Compressed Slightly In An Effort To Simulate "Cubed" Cheese, And Also Arrayed On A Paper Plate And Stuck Through With Toothpicks, In A Manner I'm Familiar With From Cocktail Parties And Similar Functions

9. A Brief Interview With A Piece Of Provolone As A Pretext For Musing About Myself And My Many Charming Idiosyncrasies And Insecurities

10. Whither Velveeta?


AshtonH1 said...

Parody of How Do you Like Me now by Cledus Judd "How do you milk a cow?"
But I've got some kinfolk on the Mason-Dixon line.
So this summer just for fun
Hopped in my DeLorean
And headed for my uncle's farm for a short time.

I thought that I would be huntin' and fishin'.
I misunderstood him somehow.
So far there's nothin' but chores here to mention.
I didn't mind feedin the sows.

How do you milk a cow?
I wasn't in FFA.
This cow must think i'm crazy
Up under it this way.
I'm sittin' here a pullin', but there ain't nothin' comin' out.
Oh E I E I O…
How do you milk a cow?

Yeah I love it here in Tennesse,
But these farmers all make fun of me.
Can't haul much hay in a tiny sports car.
So I got myself a 4 wheel drive,
Learned to spotlight deer at night,
And I've got shearin' sheep right down to an art.

One thing's for sure,
I hate shovelin' manure,
It gets all over my overalls.
Them horses need shoein'
I hear Bessie mooin'.
So I thought maybe I'd ask you all.

How do you milk a cow?
I think it's safe to say
A man could get arrested for this in LA
This heifer must be empty 'cause she ain't puttin out.
Oh E I E I O,
Tell me how do you milk a cow.

This song is absolutely an "udder" disaster.
I hope I don't get mad cow diease.

How do you milk a cow?
I no longer care.
I'm gettin sick and tired of smellin' dairy air.
I'm headin' back to Cali
And I'm turnin' in my plow.
Oh E I E I O.
How do you milk a cow?

JoanneL1 said...

Here's an example of a modern satire that i found. It talking about security at airports. Here it is... http://www.satirewire.com/news/march02/screeners.shtml

sallyc1 said...

Here is a sattire that suggests our country should stop having wars in such obscure nations and in places that we don't know where they are or have never heard of. Students are angry that we have to know about these places when a long time ago we only had to know about wars in England, etc. http://www.satirewire.com/news/jan02/geography.shtml

ElliottM3 said...

Here is a good link for satire:


kevino1 said...

Chuck Norris knows where in the world Carmen Sandiego is, but he won’t tell because he doesn’t want anyone to find the body.

Drewf3 said...

Spaceballs by Mel Brooks.

CaitlinW3 said...

Here's a little taste of honesty ... check this site out it's hilarious if you enjoy political cartoons


stus6 said...

The greatest satire ever is the simpsons and although i cannot provide a link everyone has seen one episode.

DorieF5 said...

so... I know it's our president but this is pretty darn funny. It's basically just making fun of President Bush and how he is, period! I laughed... maybe you will too!

AndersonS6 said...

There's also Family Guy. I liked the episode where they go to the Willy Wonka Factory but they aren't making candy...

carletonw1 said...

O.K. before you see this I have to say something....I love President Bush and think he has done a great job in office

Now...I won't lie this is pretty funny

MICHELLE! said...

Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.

Chuck Norris recently had the idea to sell his urine as a canned beverage. We know this beverage as Red Bull.

If paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper, what beats all 3 at the same time? Answer: Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris is Luke Skywalker's real father.

jonathann6 said...

Anything by Mel Brooks is great. Somebody told me about a "punks and nerds" website. Google it to find the website. Its pretty funny. I like the Doug parody one.