Thursday, February 23, 2006

Here's to the crazy ones

Here's to the crazy ones.

The misfits.

The rebels.

The troublemakers.

The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently.

They're not fond of rules.

And they have no respect for the status quo.

You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them,

disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them.

About the only thing you can't do is ignore them.

Because they change things.

They invent. They imagine. They heal.

They explore. They create. They inspire.

They push the human race forward.

Maybe they have to be crazy.

How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art?
Or sit in silence and hear a song that's never been written?
Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels?

We make tools for these kinds of people.

While some see them as the crazy ones,
we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think
they can change the world, are the ones who do.

From Apple Computer

Steve Jobs had just returned to the struggling company, Apple. Jobs
and Lee Clow had collaborated back in 1984 to launch the MacIntosh.
Now was the time to recover the sene of Apple's place in the world of
creative users. The TBWA Chiat/Day team said that Apple should be
aligned with the creativity of personalities and people making an
impact on the twentieth century. The "Think Different" phrase provided
an opportunity to celebrate both the creativity of these people but
also the distinctiveness of Apple in the computing world, responding
to IBM's historic campaign motto, "Think". The campaign was swiftly
approved by Apple, then begun with the television commercial, which
first ran on Sept. 28 1997, followed by the print ads, billboards and
According to


MaxT6 said...

Wow, thats deep, but what are we supposed to write about. You know we cant think of things to say on our own, you have to spoon-feed it to us.

JackEM1 said...

Mrs. C you didn't really give us a prompt so I'll just write my feelings on Steve's comments. I agree with a lot of what he said but I think that most people that buy Apple Computers don't consider themselves rebels and misfits, but you keep living in your multi-billion dollar personal world Steve, I know I would.

ColeT3 said...

For the most part i hate Apple Computers. They are really good for audio, video, and photography editting, but i hate everything else about them. They have silly one button mouses. i am not saying that windows is good, its just that mac is bad.

Cward3 said...

"Here's to the crazy ones.

The misfits.

The rebels.

The troublemakers"

Is he honestly saying that his target audiences are the non-conformist? If this is really his marketing strategy, to attempt to make Apple look like it’s not the average deal, he needs to rethink his plan. He needs to visit any number of high schools or colleges and he will see the trendy Ipod in everyone’s hand.

stus6 said...

Wow, thats deep, but what are we supposed to write about. You know we cant think of things to say on our own, you have to spoon-feed it to us.

AndersonS6 said...

I pretty much agree with everyone else. I suppose I like some of the Apple operating system more, but overall I find Apples overly cumbersome. I guess it could just be because I'm more used to the PC though.

BrandonW1 said...

Mac computers were the best computers for many years, but these days, they really aren't that much better than Windows PCs, and they cost about twice as much. Don't buy one unless you want to pay twice as much for cute colors.

SuzanneS5 said...

I think the "think" campaign is good and it's good that they are trying to update. I like apple computers mainly because I love my Ipod.. The thing that steve said is cool, I agree that I dont know why you are a rebel for buying a computer though..

ElliottM3 said...

I agree with Max that is deep, but what do you expect us to write about. I dislike apple computers.They are really good for audio, video, and photography editting, but i hate everything else about them.

GigiR1 said...

I think Apple's new "Think" campaign is really interesting.. It's catchy and really makes you think for a second.. I personally enjoy apple computers.. i think in many ways they display the wave of the future

ally irwin said...

I think it's a very true poem. I like the last lines when it says how crazy people push society forward. But I'm just commenting because I'm not really sure about the prompt. I have an apple computer and it is definitely different and new. Now that I know how to use it, i really love it!

Drewf3 said...

I have to disagree with brandon. Today, mac computers are less liable to be attacked by viri and spyware. Plus they run smoother and are much more compact than that of the most up to date PC. Thus, it is not exactly a bad idea to shell out a few hundred more dollars for a quality computer.

Mitchell M 6 said...

So I don't know what you want us to write about so I'll just ramble on so I can get the points. Cool stuff, that Apple guy is really rich too, I wish I was him.

MaxT6 said...

Wow, thats deep, but what are we supposed to write about. You know we cant think of things to say on our own, you have to spoon-feed it to us.

KatieM1 said...

I love my Mac computer!!!! Its the one computer that hasnt been cracked by virus hackers yet. As long as you put Microsoft Word and those programs on it, it really works much better than other computers. It goes twice as fast and has even cooler programs that come free with it!!

lillyb5 said...

I like this poem. It really makes you think about it. Its very deep and I like it. I really like apple computers, but I agree with everyone else that just because you buy an apple computer doesnt make you a rebel.

austinm1 said...

This is a pretty catchy advertisement campaign. It definitely got my attention and held it until the end. Apple is a pretty unique and cutting edge company, as it is evident with how popular ipods are now.

Addie said...

Interesting post. I'm not sure about it but I can see how apple would use it to its advantage in the advertising world. I've never thought that apples were the best computers but they do seem to be different than the others out there if that means anything.

VirginiaB5 said...

I personally love apple computers. I think that they have defnitely increased in great technology gadgets in the past years. That definitely made me think while i was reading that poem by the way.

Leeb3 said...

I like how stuart copied max's post exactly, probably did it just to see if he could get by with it... By the way you misspeled "sene". Anyway I like what Steve Jobs said. It does take crazy people to make the human race move forward. And Mrs. C, I want my 3 points back on my rough draft.

Rachaelw5 said...

So Steve seems like a pretty cool guy. I don't really understand the thinking behind being a rebel and buying a computer though either. Maybe he just wants to consider himself special. I think Apples are really cool. My aunt and uncle are obsessed with them, and I've played on them a little bit. I like all the cool colors they come in.

nickb3 said...

Ummm...ok. Really interesting, just wierd. But like bax said, there is no topic to write about, just a statement.