Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Help! How do I cite this stuff????

Punctuation for integrating quotations in writing: http://www.headroyce.org/research/writing/techniques/quoteint_lit.html

Specifics for citing verse from Shakespeare:

Best online MLA style guide with detailed guidelines of citing dialogue in plays:


jonathann6 said...

Thanks, these really help a lot.

joannel1 said...

i HATE citing. These cites should be really helpful though. Thanks for posting them!

ally irwin said...

Thanks Mrs. Caldwell! Citing stuff can definitely be confusing sometimes. I really love those websites that have the little MLA stuff at the bottom. Examples are always helpful like in those cites you gave us.

walkerd3 said...

There are websites out there for citing which makes everything easier and takes less time to do. Thanks for posting the websites that help so much!

CarolineB1 said...

I finally went to that like easybib sight, that is the greatest thing in the world!! My life was just made so much easier, and you can choose what format you need it to be cited in (MLA etc). Thank you for your suggestions they really really help!