Thursday, March 16, 2006

Diary: You think you know, but you have no idea...

You will be creating a video diary of sorts that chronicles your life until now. This will consist of pictures from chapters of your life. If you had to pick three significant-connected to strong emotions that you remember with great detail- chapters (events) in your life, what would you choose? You don't need to describe them here. Just give the chapter a name.

Example for me from birth to 12th grade (yes, I know that was long, long ago!):

1. The fourth grade perm/Valentine's Day debaucle
2. The first date (enough said)
3. Senior Homecoming- from "they like me" to "they hate me" in 24 hours

Your events can be happy, sad, funny. They can involve just you or family and friends. These events may not be significant to others, but if they hold significance to you- that's enough.


Mark and MeLissa said...

I'm not a student of yours but I was intriguied by your website title since I once helped grade Sr. English Theses for my former high school English instructors.

I simply wanted to congratulate you on a brilliant idea to bring technology and learning together. Well done, Mrs. C!

I truly hope that my children (when I have them) have creative beings, such as yourself, for their learning partners.

MeLissa Rocco

sallyc1 said...

I would pick the following three events that are emotional turning-points in my life to add to my diary:
1. 5th Grade
2. 8th Grade- when dance team all started
3. Miss Olympian Pagaent 2005
All of these events had some kind of emotional effect on me at different times in my life and have formed or changed who I am today.

DorieF5 said...

I think that I have a lot of weird experiences in my life, but 3 kind of stick out and make me who I am:
1) Making cheerleading for the first time, going into it with my mom saying i had "no chance"
2) My first love
3) Winning my first golf tournament

MICHELLE! said...

1. 3rd Grade when I moved to Mountain Brook and had my first day at Crestline Elementary. (It was tacky day and everyone was dressed up "tacky" and i forgot to! How embaressing!
2. 5th grade- Alpine (nuff said)
All these somehow had an emotional effect as well as changed my life in some way.

JoanneL1 said...

I don't really know what three of my emotional turning points are but here are a few important times to me...
1)ACC all-stars in 6th grade (first emtionally stressful thing i did)
2)auburn football games
3)and like michelle said... Spring Break '06