Friday, March 03, 2006

Isn't it Romantic...

Characteristics of the Romantic movement from Wikipedia:

  • It stressed strong emotion (which now might include trepidation, awe, and horror as aesthetic experiences)
  • It stressed the individual imagination as a critical authority (which permitted freedom within or from classical notions of form in art)
  • It stressed overturning of previous social conventions, particularly the position of the aristocracy.

What movement or time period do you think is best compared to this one? What characters in literature or movies would fit well into this period?


bens1 said...

Well, I'd say the 80's matches that description very well. There was strong emotion through music and movies. I like to call the 80's the "look what we can do with computers" age. through computers many people could express their individual artistic talents through music, art, or whatever. Movies also throw off the stereotypes of people (breakfast club especially) and work to tear down the social hierarchy that dominated teenage life.

CaitlinW3 said...

My all time favorite novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen portrays a wonderful love story between two individuals that are conflicted with their social status. The setting for such a novel is very appropriate, the nineteenth century in England creates the image of a romantic era filled with castles , queens, and kings.

saram3 said...

i would definitely say that the 1960s fit this description. after the world wars, people began to question government, and in turn all authority figures. people were very passionate about being free and being an individual regardless of society's conventions. this is captured well in the civil rights movement. there are lots of movies about people challenging the social system during the civil rights movement like remember the titans.